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Going Somewhere: the role-playing game - Core Rules (a paratext)

Paperback, 102 pages, 2018, Genres Game System, LLC

Going Somewhere: The Role Playing Game is a table top role playing game adapted from movie maker Michael Betancourt's avant-garde serial. Containing all the rules needed to play, this rule book is designed to provide hours of fun. Designed to simplify the complexity of RPGs to speed game play, these rules can be used for either SCI-FI or Fantasy campaigns.

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Paratexts extend the critical engagements offered by the movie serial in new, interactive ways, as Andy Bird, chairman of Disney International, explained: "Whether it's releasing posters, releasing footage from onset, whatever it happens to be, the story happens way before you actually see the event. So the movie now becomes like the main event of a much longer story. It has sort of this prequel and then it has this much more, longer tale."

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